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About me

Hi, I'm Maya. I am a naturopath, researcher and a health Qi Gong instructor. 

My interest in medicine started at a young age. 

When I was 8 I was diagnosed with a heart condition, which led to 

my spending many hours in clinics, staring at 3D models of the heart,

lungs and blood vessels. 

I was told I had to take antibiotics twice a day, every day, for the

rest of my life. When I reached 18, I felt that I should stop.

My inner voice spoke, and I listened. I consulted my cardiologist, 

and was cleared to stop antibiotics on a trial basis. This trial period

turned out okay, and I have been medication-free ever since. 

I suppose that then, at the age of 18, my curiousity for alternative 

ways of staying healthy was sparked. 

This curiosity has  grown, leading me to 4 years of naturopathy study,

two years studying to become a health Qi Gong instructor, countless

courses, including a specialisation course in paediatric health, and recently I have successfully completed my MSc in advanced complementary medicine, focusing mainly on naturopathic cardiovascular treatments. 

I enjoy seeing the effects of minimal interventions such as nutritional improvements on physical and mental health. 

While naturopathic medicine is based on ancient knowledge, it is an innovative and groundbreaking field that is now becoming an evidence-based practice, and is repeatedly proved by research to be highly effective. 

As a student and during my first years in clinic I worked as a content writer for "Naturopedia" an Israeli online encyclopedia of naturopathy, a job that I loved, and which enabled me to stay up to date with the most current research on complementary and natural medicine. This job may have helped me find my research voice, by seeing all the gaps in research that I would like to focus on! 

I also serve as an ambassador for the Israeli Food Revoloution, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at creating

widespread community education on healthy nutrition for children, and encouraging the practice of home-cooked family meals.  


Conditions naturopathy can help with

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